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The custom soccer ball is the most featured product in ANT Sporting with various materials and different sizes to meet different people. We can provide customized services. You can choose from any color print on the custom soccer ball, or add a full-color logo or picture. Add their school/college team logo, their name and number or family portrait. Add any color text or design. 

Each panel of soccer balls can be customized according to your requirements. The raw materials of the soccer ball are the best, and every step of the football processing technology is strictly quality inspection.

Classified by soccer ball usage:

Match Soccer Balls, Training Soccer Balls, Promotion Soccer Balls, Custom Mini Soccer Balls. Whether you use it for competition, club training or entertainment, it can meet your needs.

Classified by soccer ball material:

PU, TPU, PVC. Our personalized soccer balls are customized to the highest standards using textured PVC, PU and TPU at the same time use the most modern production technology available.

Classified by soccer ball size: 

NO.1-No.5. The official size 5 and official weight of 420 to 430 gms authentic soccer ball all can we supply. Every size soccer ball can be customized or personalized.

To get a team discount for custom logo or photos soccer balls for team gifts, match days or training, please call +86 791 8566 6323 or click here for our discounted and printed prices.

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