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How to Choose a Good Football?

Aug. 20, 2020

未标题-6.jpgWe choose football together from many details, so you don't have to worry about not liking the football you bought. The following is soccer ball manufacturers to introduce you to buy football methods, I hope you like it!

1. Choose a trusted brand

Larger brands require formal factories to produce OEMs, and the quality requirements are stricter. For balls produced by regular factories, the name, trademark, address and other information will be printed on the balls or packaging. These companies have standardized production, strict management, and focus on craftsmanship and product quality, and their products are relatively stable and reliable.

2. Look at the surface coating

It is said that a particularly good football, because the surface coating technology is very in place, a game in a rainstorm, no matter how you play, there will be no more than 6%-10% water seepage rate (calculated based on the overall weight of the football).  This kind of coating will even increase the fluidity of the water on the surface of the football, and better protect the stitching points and joint surfaces.

3. Look at the craft

Generally , football has separate stitching and sewing.  Most footballs bought on the market are sewn, and hand-sewn footballs are high-quality footballs and are not easy to buy.  So what is the difference between hand sewing and sewing?

The hand-stitched ball is a high-grade ball, each piece and needle are all handcrafted, multi-layer high-strength lining reinforcement, thick thread, large pinhole, the ball is strong and resistant to kicking;

The sewing ball is a middle -to-low grade ball. Each piece and each stitch are sewn with a flat car and a high car. Finally, two sides are left to be sewn by hand. The thread is thin and the needle hole is small. The appearance of the ball can be seen by the sewing thread.

4. Detailed inspection

Check the elasticity of the football: first fill the ball into proper air pressure, then lift the ball so that the bottom of the ball is at a height of 1.8m, let go to make it fall to the ground freely, and watch the elasticity of the ball. The good elasticity of the ball is 1.2m~1.4 between m. Poor quality balls bounce high or low.

Check the circumference of the football: the standard specifies the circumference of various balls, and the circumference of the football should be 675-710 mm. Balls with unqualified circumference values are not easy to control in use, and their trajectories will deviate too much. The inspection method is to put the ball on the flat ground and roll forward and observe its trajectory. The rolling route of the ball that meets the standard is compared, while the rolling route of the ball that does not meet the standard will deviate a lot from the straight track. Or another way to check is to let the ball do a free fall several times and observe whether it is vertical when it bounces. If it deviates too much, it is a substandard ball.

Check the air tightness of the ball: check the air tightness of all kinds of balls, and the ball shall be free of air leakage and slow air leakage. The commonly used inspection method is to fill the sphere to a certain pressure with clear water on the nozzle. If there are small bubbles, it means that the sphere is leaking.

Problems in the use of beach soccer ball

If the ball is too hard, the possibility is that your leather is too hard. Some cheap footballs use very thick PU leather, and the hardness is high, and the foot feels very uncomfortable.  The leather is aging, and after a long time, the leather will become hard because it is a synthetic leather.  The temperature is low, and the ball will feel hard in winter.

So friends who like soft balls can consider TPU Soccer ball. Because of the craftsmanship , the thickness of TPU is very thin, so thicker foam will be used. The hardness of foam is generally far lower than that of PU leather. So overall the TPU ball will feel softer.

Use sports equipment correctly

Good sports equipment is like a warrior's armor, which can protect the body from injury during exercise.  For example, a good pair of sports shoes can reduce sports injuries by 30%.  However, inappropriate sports equipment may in turn harm the body.

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