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Do you Know Soccer Ball?

Nov. 12, 2020

One of the reasons that soccer ball is so fascinating is its simplicity. The rule, equipment and teamwork is very simple, which is one of the main reasons football is so popular, but if you're newbie to the game, it's important to know the basics. From the size of the pitch to the famous offside trap, let's take a look at how to play soccer ball.

1.Soccer Ball Basis

Like any sport, before starting to play games, it's best to start from the basic elements. For instance, you will find it interesting that we really don't know who invented football, but it must be an ancient game. If we want to thank the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese is a matter of debate. In addition, please remember that people call it soccer in the United States, but in other parts of the world, the sport is called football. For players and their parents, the good news is that football doesn't need too much equipment. In essence, your soccer ball equipment should include shirt, shorts, stockings, shinguards and cleats. Goalkeepers need to wear gloves. Some players prefer headgear, but it is not necessary. To start there, it is just a soccer ball and two goals, although your coach and the football association will take care of these.

Once you have the equipment, you need to know the players on the pitch. The goalkeeper is one of the most famous player, which is responsible for guarding the target. And it includes defender, midfielder and striker. You will also find two hybrid position called sweeper and libero. The football field is very standard, and very simple. Football field size varies depending on the level, and the professional player matches in the largest venue. Every field has two goals, penalty area, middle line and a touchline that defines the edge of peripheral.  The last element any football match needs is official. Referee, the principal officials, is responsible for the game. You will also have two inspectors who will pay close attention to the field boundaries. A fourth official sits between the two teams and is responsible for details, such as substitutions and game times.

2.How to Play Soccer Ball

You should be familiar with 17 the basic rules or law of soccer ball, and they cover all the basic knowledge to play games from the size of a football to a throw-in, ball and goal. You will also need to learn some basic movements and ways to play football. Passing the ball is very important, and you will definitely want to continue to practice. In the same way, the so-called first touch will help you know what to do when receiving a ball. And you need to practice to hit the ball and ready to play.

Defensive header is one of the most famous football action, and this is the place where you can use your head to hit the ball, so you need to be cautious to get hurt. Your coach will also want you to repractice how to avoid foul. When you know what not to do, you will not be punished by the referee. Related to that is knowing how to avoid the offside trap.

Soccer Ball


Soccer ball is a team sport, your coach will train you to develop a good team player. Even if player on the pitch looks like running at random, this also is a choreographed machine, everyone plays part in their team.The formation of football determines the location of every player in any given game. From the youngest children to the highest ranked professional, there are many common forms, and each form has its purpose. In general, the main goal of course is to make the team scoring. Studying the formation will help you achieve this goal.

4.Learn from Specialists

In addition to practice their skills, you can also learn a lot of things by watching professional football players.  This sport is popular all around the world, and there is no lack of professional games to watch. For example, the premier league is a team made up of 20 regular season teams. From there, the top four teams qualify for next season's champions league, but the biggest stage of soccer ball is World Cup. It’s the ultimate champion of the world’s football organized by the FIFA .Once you start paying attention to these teams, you'll find a lot of excitement from every game and realize why people can't enjoy this sport fully.

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